A monkey in the hunting museum
David Noir | Skin on the zoos | Museum Night 2017 | Hunting and Nature Museum | Photo © Frédérique Lecerf

A monkey in the hunting museum

Chapter 1 | Voted!

Filming : Any Tingay

David Noir's proposal for the Museum Night, May 20, 2017 at the Museum of Hunting and Nature

Company Lounge

Human, you who only enter here alive since representatives of other species only cross the threshold dead and embalmed.

You're a pitiful creature in many ways.

Marmaille, reproduction

You deserve your miserable fate

You clamor for slave labor to support your creeping situation...

Of all the animal kingdom you are the most woodlouse and yet you allow yourself to believe in gods who would like to save you.

Stupid conceited


Invasive breeder


A monkey who wants you well

David Noir

David Noir, performer, actor, author, director, singer, visual artist, video maker, sound designer, teacher... lugs his polymorphous nudity and his childhood in costume under the gaze of anyone who wants to see.

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