A painless menstrual performance
Heavy but not painful period | "Scrap" | Photo © David Noir

A painless menstrual performance

"If I gave you the moon, you'd soon get bored of it."
...and a few other ground rules

SCRAP, a mental hygiene of Love

We will cross each other but under what conditions, according to what rules? You will come. We will overlap. I'll go sniff you out.

There'll be your scene and there'll be my scene. On yours, you will be free to go up and down, to perform the performance grids provided, to utter insults or Verlaine's stanzas, to reveal your soul or your buttocks. You can even steal the spotlight from me. That's life, I'm not here to order you to be or not to be. That may be your question; it won't be mine. Be welcome, but don't you dare join me in my lair when I take refuge there.

Marilyn triptych © David Noir 2014
Marilyn triptych © David Noir 2014

Wobbly romance doesn't make sense

After you get what you want, you don't want it. If I gave you the moon you'd grow tired of it soon.

"After you get what you want, you don't want it" | Irving Berlin (1920) | performed by Marilyn Monroe in 1953 Walter lang's film There's no Business like Show Business

Hard rule

Like it?

Ah! Really?

Who? When? When?

No, it's really "need or not", that's all.

The whole of humanity is a negligible quantity for my senses, from sunrise to sunset. It is a trace of mauve modelling clay embedded under the nails of my child's fingers; it is a chewing gum stuck under my sole, the presence of which I won't realize until the morning of the day when I go to see the hole under my shoe.

Nylon wig thread or real hair, what does it matter? After all, we know that MM was an alien who came to earth to make movies. Since no one exists here.

Then I'll look at you, sticky dough, and get rid of you again like glue until I forget you again until the morning of the next day. And why not? Dear humanity to such humanism! A concept without any reality! Differentiated worlds fit together and crush each other like nesting dolls, all called to look at each other like extraterrestrials, without ever recognizing each other.

Love, for the Great Human Con-Sense-Suce, is SCRAP!

I sent you a message. But you didn't come.

Scrap Logo © David Noir 2014doesn't mean anything.

Scrap Logo © David Noir 2014is nothing more than our dirty footprints on the carpet of an endless corridor. A fingernail clipping, crushed chewing gum, the milky white of a fried egg that fell to the floor.  

Scrap Logo © David Noir 2014is just a silly random acronym that could mean "Seriously, it's Failed Here".

Golden period

A shadow hovers over our little daily mythologies ... it would not be a question of forgetting our roles.

Golden period | "Scrap" | Photo © David Noir

Golden period | "Scrap" | Photo © David Noir

David Noir

David Noir, performer, actor, author, director, singer, visual artist, video maker, sound designer, teacher... lugs his polymorphous nudity and his childhood in costume under the gaze of anyone who wants to see.

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