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Live Stage Workshop | "Improvise freely" | Photo © David Noir

Improvise freely

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Live Stage Workshop | "Improvise freely" | Photo © David Noir
Live Stage Workshop | "Improvise freely" | Photo © David Noir
Starting from almost nothing, from the simple fact of being, thinking, observing, hearing, reacting, learning to improvise freely allows to extend the playful potential of each individual to the dimensions of his own imagination.

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It is not a question of confining oneself to the often far too rational and conventional rules of the improv game. The poetry of each individual is here the privileged gateway to create situations and incarnations, far from any notion, often paralysing, of competition. The goal is quite different.

It is the ability to improvise that makes the actor, even if he does not necessarily use it directly to interpret a pre-written text. The environment is fundamental so as not to feel stuck at the doors of his inventiveness, which can sometimes take on the appearance of an "interstellar void" if we don't feel confident or if we stumble on the search for the famous idea that would save us.

It is precisely by agreeing not to appeal to any idea that one gives oneself the opportunity to get off the beaten track by the script rationalism of the over-emphasized "story" to be told.

For the actor, on the contrary, there is nothing to tell. It is not his task. He should not be made an author or, worse still, a narrator. His only job is to interpret, to play with what he has on hand at the moment T, without anticipating or foreseeing anything.

All the actor's talent is contained in this resistance to "manufacture" to protect himself from the unknown.

In other words, improvising, in the sense of spontaneously feeling the passing moment, is at the very heart of the process of acting, whether it involves theatre, film or performance. The quality of the emotions it transmits depends on this ability to be in the absence of artifice "in spite of itself".

Public concerned :

Open to all levels, this course offers participants the opportunity to explore and express the widest range of games at their disposal. Nothing is constrained or forbidden in improvisation. The only limits are respect for the physical integrity of others and the limits that one sets to one's imagination.

Program of the workshop day "Improvising freely".

If we let ourselves go, everything naturally blends into our complex and inextricable minds like an interweaving of cobwebs.

The thirst for a surface logic can be akin to resistance to oneself, for those who wish to connect to its poetic background. And as much as the background of a department store, that of the individual within his fellow men is immense and infinitely deep. The research in improvisation, in my opinion, goes in this direction. Not to construct "history" by forcing, as one does to grow summer fruit under a tarpaulin in winter; not to remain stuck halfway through in a perpetual abstraction of meaning; but rather to reconnect with the narrative from an inner journey that goes to the surface.

The objective in this case is not to shape the product, sometimes spectacular at times, but often maintaining a paralysing and ultimately indigestible spirit of competition, which obscures access to a richly nourished thread of intimacy.

The best way to do this is to start from the "frightening" void and quickly tame it by observing the impressive matter that naturally inhabits us, without any need for fictional pretexts to express ourselves. However, everything in us is linked and that is what we must rely on to ensure that we do not fall. Then the void, which in the end was by no means empty, serves as the only springboard for launching and takes off, surprisingly easy when we thought we were crashing to the ground. From then on, a few short automatic writing and tracing insertions opened the way even further, like a valve for everything that suddenly presses behind, whereas, obsessed by the efficiency of "doing" to communicate at all costs, a few hours before, this infinity was still perceived as an obscure threat whose luminescence was indistinguishable.

  • 10 am - Beginning of the course
  • 1pm - Lunch break ½ time (Please bring a sandwich or a quick cold meal - No restaurants in the immediate vicinity)
  • 1:45 pm - Resumption
  • Afternoon Break ¼ time
  • 6pm - End of the course

Note: Provide warm, soft clothing and a writing surface. Paper and pens are provided.

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"Improvise freely"

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Live Stage Workshop | "Improvise freely" | Photo © David Noir

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David Noir

David Noir, performer, actor, author, director, singer, visual artist, video maker, sound designer, teacher... lugs his polymorphous nudity and his childhood in costume under the gaze of anyone who wants to see.

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  1. Adeline

    Exciting internship! Structured and interactive pedagogy, all in crescendo with a decortication of all the layers that constitute us to gently lead us to the identification of the "true self". From there, an introspection and a direct connection to the heart of the matter: "to improvise freely"...

    I had a great time with some very interesting partners to see the evolution ... I look forward to the future ...

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