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Agenda 2020

All dates for planned creations and performances are cancelled or postponed due to the government ban on opening venues during the confinement period.

As for the cabaret "LE SECRET", it will take over the ... ?

In these dark times, the cabaret Le Secret is available in gleaming streams!

The Secret, the show is online

Mr. K, the Oursicate production team and the entire troupe of cabaret Le Secret have concocted it with all the fun, passion, strangeness and charm that animates them. Far from being just a laborious capture, it is truly a transfer from stage to screen made with flexibility and brilliance. Real variety shows with our sweet spicy sauce; a charming, brilliant and moving cabaret as if you were there.  

We did it for you; for us of course and for the joy of being together in this setting that we love; but above all, for you. Because we think that such a production can please you.

I'm not going to list the members of the entire band in a tedious end credits, because first of all, this is just the beginning of a long series, hopefully, and secondly, because you'll see.



Art Direction: Mr. K

Season 2020

from the Secret website

David Noir
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