I could have brought something to the world, but I'm going to wait until it passes...


About David Noir, artist - author - performer - singer - actor - director... blablablabla... and about the aims of the website davidnoir.fr

My name is David Noir. I practice everything related to stage creation. I wanted this site partly to give my work the opportunity to develop in a way other than through the sole medium of live performance and partly to encourage a reflective approach to the notion of representation between spectators and practitioners.

Thinking, articulating and nurturing a site independently, turns out to be as much for me a matter of writing, acting and directing as the work on the set.

Better still, it seems to me that today's representation, the only one that is really being invented in our time, that makes sense both socially and artistically and is really stimulating for the mind, is the one that is embodied through the Internet. To me, it is equalled only by the living presence on stage, in terms of its power of fascination.

The Web gives everything to see in a single show where thousands would be needed: politics, society, the infinite network of random exchanges, sex, trade, thoughts, ideas.

The Internet thus generates the perpetual trace of human movement in a highway of millions of lanes to which we are connected even more by psychic infusion than by connection.

In a flow that is both passive and productive, it distances itself from all other works that it carries in the freely impersonal channel of a world production to which everyone can be a contributor.

It is thus the only common and universal creation, outside the real urban world and the collective unconscious, that is in the image of humanity: beautiful, ugly, immoral, refined, deep and unfathomable, stupid and superficial... The Free Web is the largest current performance. I want to be part of it.

Of course, there is nothing to stop anyone from being someone else in their own eyes for a moment. No need for the virtual for that; the real is more than enough.

David Noir


actor, singer, performer, improviser, puppeteer of myself, my body, my mind, my nudity and my sex, my possible place in social groups


incessantly and in all forms: theatre and stage, dialogues, poetry, articles, scribbles, research, etc. 


a vision of the stage and the performing arts; contemporary narrative forms and structures. Temptations and attempts to build bridges between the live stage and the virtual stage

Acting director and teacher

instinctively and from the playground, the purpose How do we live together? found its incarnation in How do we play together? Today, the Living Scene program proposes to offer tools that answer this question.

Accessories and costume designer

empiricism is the basis of my entire evolution. I conceive the life of the scene according to what I imagine of the organic evolution of the species. A stage, whatever its form, is an aquarium for humans...

Videographer and visual artist

everything can be resolved to images and all images can be put into words, plate-like and mental forms, animations of reality

Sound tinkerer

Ignorant of the secrets of music, but Factor Horse of sound and voice in my lost hours; sometimes gained

Public entertainer and social contemptuer

a well-made head does not deny the body that wears it. Warrior performer despite short means, I use humour and natural affection for my fellow men as much as hatred and raw detestation for our filthy shortcomings and cowardice that I love a little however. 

A step out of the box

Contemporary artists must constantly hybridize instituted art, distort its academic purity, pervert its aesthetic thinking. The artist performer is obviously at the forefront of these.

Nous vivons en miroir vis à vis d’autrui, les uns… des autres, les unes… des uns, les uns… des unes, les uns… des uns, les unes… des unes, les autres… des autres

"The artist" | Like a black werewolf with a half-battered look of sex, like a burnt pirate with a face of overcooked bread
Visual © David Noir 2007

Contamination is the meaning of my action towards culture.

I see myself as an artistic bacterium programmed to colonize everything that touches it and first and foremost itself.