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or life in disguise

Implementation, texts, sound mixes, videos, interpretation / David Noir
Improvised music / Christophe Imbs
with Valérie Brancq, Sonia Codhant, David Noir, Philippe Savoir, Any Tingay

Live video creation, sound control : Guillaume Junot

Lighting design, lighting control: Jérôme Allart

CREATION FROM 20 TO 24 APRIL 2013 AT THE GENERATOR - 16 Rue Charles Frérot, 94250 Gentilly

The rock'n roll dream of being awesome, consumable, disposable

Les Parques d'attraction | David Noir | Photo © Karine Lhémon
Les Parques d'attraction | Foreground : David Noir, Valérie Brancq, Philippe Savoir | Photo © Karine Lhémon

Childhood, it is well known, can be confiscated with the best intentions in the world and most often with no intention at all. A good reason to get some of it back.

"Les Parques d'attraction" by David Noir at l'work at the Generator | Improvised Music: Christophe Imbs | Graphic Design © Philippe Savoir, Photo © Karine Lhémon
David Noir's "Les Parques d'attraction" at the Generator | Poster © Philippe Savoir, Photo © Karine Lhémon

It's up to you... It's up to you

"Les Parques d'attraction" by David Noir at the Generator | Improvised music : Christophe Imbs | Graphic design © Philippe Savoir, Photo © Karine Lhémon
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"Les Parques d'attraction" is a space of freedom, the freedom to disguise oneself, the freedom to rise, the freedom to regress, the freedom to love, the freedom to hate... Everything is dedicated to the visitors and the only limits to their expression are those they give themselves. The adventure is played out against a backdrop of texts recounting the intimate journey of a modern Jason in search of a fleece with delicate hair and finally different from the eternal male/female genders that he has made, without being satisfied with it, more than a hundred times around. On the walls framing the dozens of sets retracing his journey like so many ghost trains, a loop unfolds, sentences gleaned at random and micro-fictions portraying our friendly culture in which the ordinary hero evolves daily.

The amusement parks, a little unveiled

The merry-go-round of realities

First meeting. Not first kiss yet. We're here to rub it in. Take a walk inside my brain, see how you like it.

A hundred skies of a livable world | part 1

Alone or almost alone, I breathe in the depths of my limbo, free from any face to face. Look at me from a distance or follow me if you want.

The passionate attraction

Well, here you are again! From our neurons to our skins, it's only a step. It's like riding on the subway sometimes. You think you can make love with a little art and just that thrill?

A hundred skies of a livable world | part 2

All alone or almost alone, I'm looking for the way back. It seems inaccessible this area of my head? What if I went through yours? You're looking at me like a deer on a hunt. Be nice this time, don't shoot.

The fair of consciences

Well, we sang, we fucked, we drank, we laughed. We got each other pretty good. Well... Are you leaving? What about consistency? Who will you be tomorrow when you meet me in real life?

Performance design

Discover the logbook of the 50 days preceding the creation of the Attraction Parks.

Dress up, choose your mythology!

Last January, The Fleece is sleeping, in this same space of the Generator, already implicitly invited the visitors-listeners to become themselves actors and actresses of this epic, which my partners and I were in charge of delivering some parts through texts, songs, disguises and improvisations.

Attraction parks borrows its text from The Fleece Sleeps but in a different distribution of texts. They are grouped in 3 main volumes, each corresponding to a stage of creation on stage.

During this new disposal of the cycle, The Parks propose to include you more fully in their process, by involving you from now on through the reading of these pages and those that will enrich them later on this site. Thus by following as closely as possible the process of making the form that will be created in April 2013, you will be able to get a more precise idea of the place you could take in it according to your desire, as a simple spectator or a visitor and what you would like to express in it. It's a bit as if by this process we were opening ways between your intimacy and mine and thus changing what will happen without it being possible to predict it either from your side or from ours. It will be enough for you to come back from time to time on this section of the site in order to familiarize yourself in advance with the texts, the references and the atmospheres specific to this universe if it inspires you. You can also enter the project on your own by participating in the micro-shoots before the performances.

Nothing here is mandatory, whether you participate, watch, undress, stay, shut up or turn off your mobile phone. Maybe that's the performance...

Getting to the Generator

Le Générateur, 16 rue Charles Frérot 94250 Gentilly

Tel. 01 49 86 99 14

Email : contact(at) (replace (at) with the @ symbol)

Site :

 See the Google access map and more info

"Les Parques d'attraction" is a creation of David Noir produced by Arts Diffusion and L'Entreprise Noire.

Logo of the Generator, place d'art and performance at Gentilly

Who finds raccoon?"

The Isolation Room The Jail of Childhood The Lost Imagination The Theatre of Appearances The Pretence of Sincere Pretence The Carnival of Transvestite Feelings The Hebetude of Macabre Sexual Joy The Carnival of Deafening Enthusiasm The Circus of Human Misery The Chaos of Subduing Fears The Supersaturated Cinema of Pornographic Bodies The Barbaric Ritual The Symbolic Sacrifices The Nostalgic Happening of Political Inventions The Poetic Abandonment The Artistic Suicide

From ass to head, the Parks to the Generator will be "open doors"!

Make the most of it because the sales only last 5 days of the year. It's a mix of plastic mythologies, human disguises, love parodies, an ounce of gravity, little drama and lots of songs. So let yourself be tempted. Don't miss us, we would miss you!  

But after all, you just got here; we don't know each other, so...