My varied identities

In turn, author, director, set designer, actor, singer and performer of his own creations, David Noir has been working in the performing arts since 1986.

David Noir identities: king by first names, warrior on a platter, poet a little every day. Black, slave anar and brown negro. Bi, even gay when I get there.
David, king by first names, warrior on a platter, poet a little every day. Black, slave anarchist and brown nigger. Bi, even gay when I get there.

How many times and in how many forms will he have to do his Coming Out in his life?

Probably never enough

For the habit, even of apparent acceptance (starting with one's own acceptance of oneself) is the worst kind of cover.

Indeed, the pot is even more suffocating than the cupboard... well, well, well...


David Noir in brief

David (king by first names; warrior on a platter; poet a little every day), Black (slave anar and brown nigger; I'm still trying to escape), Bieven Gay (when I get there), too Poly (game, andre... to be honest), Punk (in the soul, to the gun chamber), Jew (by my mother), Pederast (Sentimental by my father. Who isn't moved by youth?), Hetero-catho (Who isn't in our beautiful country?), Primate (ditto), Gaucho-réac (tendency gaucho-facho), Atheist (totally), Trans (sometimes), Narcissus (empathetic neurotic), Queer (allosexual, this is not an allopass code!), Solitaire (Leave me alone! © Greta Garbo), Pacifist bellicose (Don't kidding!), Sad to die (It will come...), Dandy loser activist ( beautiful people screaming ) Yay! Heir Cézanne denatured (bourgeois in museums, amused at the bourgeois...) Game Over. Bof!

Accessory: Author, performer, actor, singer, director, sound designer and blah, blah, blah, blah...

Like everyone else, David Noir learns about sexuality at a very early age through his imagination and about relationships with others through the experience of disappointment. He pursues the inconsistency of his path through a few exceptional encounters and many others, which are distressing. At first, his attraction, then his attraction that has now become irresistible for the intelligence of behaviour, the humour of scabrous situations and the simplicity of relationships with others, lead him to stage himself with his fellow travellers and intimates, in scenic compositions focused on nudity and playfulness, hilarious sexuality and warlike hatred, joyful despair and sensual friendship. So many answers that, in his eyes, make up a possible argumentation in the face of the despairing absurdity of our buffoonish condition. This frenzied quest for a childlike joy with a highly claimed irresponsibility, leads him to sink into the fantastic meanders of an isolation that is alternately depressive and euphoric, offering him every day the harvest of a dynamic contemporary creation, nevertheless plunging its roots in a telluric archaism. Since 2011, his collaboration with Anne Dreyfus and Le Générateur has once again opened him up to the charms of encounters and has decisively oriented his approach to the stage towards performative forms.

His main creations are The PuritansThe Righteous StoryThe InnocentsProject Jazon and The Fleece sleeps which came in a dozen forms, the last of which was The Amusement Parks.

Discover my animal part


I hate the theatre, its dirty acrobats, its heavy, sinister, hysterical or compassed stagings. But I love its nature, its techniques and its enlightened performers.


The futile emotion of variety, the squeaky provocation of the cabaret and a few sound bindings make the bed of my vocal expression and constitute my stage singing.


The freedom of time, the freedom of the moment. Rid of narration, the performance is finally and paradoxically in my eyes, one of the most beautiful spaces devoted to the actor.


Not the cinematic film, not the dusty script, but the simplicity of the plastic arts in the service of imaginary collages and associations of thoughts.