Some images of the "Definitive Creatures"
Microfilms | Definitive Creatures © David Noir

Some images of the Creature Definitives.

This first realization of a series of burlesque fictions or anti-fictions that I envisage long and with drawers, is the reflection of the imagery that inhabits me. The short and burlesque situations, double-edged, multiply the meanings inspired by the titles. They all have to do with our world, both intimate and external to us, in a simple and obvious way. They show that the more literal and primary the translations of the meaning of our actions and thoughts are, the more effectively they render the mechanism of our behaviour and the dreamlike environment in which language bathes us.

There is thus a certain shudder to note the depth of a "dirty suit" of a pun or a literal illustration, which often proves to have an eminently fairer and more lasting impact on our receptivity than an analysis that considers itself profound. In the end, it operates a bit like music, not quite calculating the paths it takes beyond the appearance of what it resonates. In any case, it is one of the doors, just like the childlike nudity that in my case often accompanies it, that I choose to use and abuse the corridors to which it leads. My goal: to pull by the hair a big disarticulated and incoherent puppet who represents us to drag him in front of your eyes ... friends, enemies, shameless, distant, voyeurs, amused, amazed, accomplices ... finally, it will be you who will say it.

David Noir

David Noir, performer, actor, author, director, singer, visual artist, video maker, sound designer, teacher... carries his polymorphous nudity and his costumed childhood under the eyes and ears of anyone who wants to see and hear.

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