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The Fleece flag, a personalized Jolly Roger to have everything in hand to finally bandage for oneself © David Noir 2011

Approach: the art of getting hard for yourself

I build, my tomb, my seclusion, my castle, my shelter, my sewer, my kingdom.
Anyway, I'm outfitting my fragile Nautilus from the inside out.

L' Fleece flag, a personalized Jolly Roger to have everything in hand to finally get a hard-on for yourself © David Noir 2011

The art of getting hard for yourself

The Fleece flag, a personalized Jolly Roger to have everything in hand to bandage well for yourself © David Noir 2011
DAVID NOIR, l'art qui bande à part | Logo David Noir Production © Filifox - Philippe Savoir | David Noir 2007|2018
DAVID NOIR, the art that sets itself apart | Logo David Noir Production © Filifox - Philippe Savoir | David Noir 2007|2018

Who's got a hard-on?

at the helm: David Noir

That could be it.

It could be something else.

I don't believe in the show, but in the journey and the individual. It can have this title or another, or ten others or not at all. I don't believe in the reassuring virtues of compartmentalization and notation. I don't believe in the supposed coherence of narrative structures, aesthetics and points of view on the world.I only believe in the weakness that humans are made of and their relative struggle, sometimes wheezy, sometimes biting, to invent tools and strengths to get by.I don't believe in vocation, nor in genius, nor in the religions of art. I believe in opportunism and the survival instinct that pushes us to create our own talents. I practice an art of creation in reverse, which starts from what is to justify the stories I invent afterwards, so that others may one day tell them about me. I believe in my way of life and in my desire to be. I don't believe in anything other than my art of getting hard for what I am and could be.

I am a plankton tossed around by the waves and I challenge all the whales in the world to be more important than me.

 "Where does this plankton have to get a hard-on like a whale? "© David Noir 2011
Where this plankton must band like a whale © David Noir 2011

Rather bandage like a child in the face of the world than flatter the supposed coherence of the mature and responsible man behind the pretty facades of his social as well as narrative structures.

How's it look on stage?

A naked actor incubates in  the grotesque theatre of humans

The linear narrative principle is excluded in favour of interlacing images and perceptions. Experience predominates. The spectator/viewer is immersed in an environment of plastic forms, performative acts and expression of meaning through videos, sound and textual ambiences.The interest of this process is that the ensemble composes dramaturgies with several levels of relations between them, in the way that an aquarium opens a window on a reconstituted natural biotope, suitable to make the spectator's mind wander.

A resolutely contemporary artistic approach that does not pretend to be contemporary.

The aim of the representations: to weave together the abstraction of thought, complex, burlesque and diffuse, and the figure of the body in its most tangible, emotional and trivial aspects.
On the Internet too, a new show is taking shape. A show that is regenerated at every moment, as any good performance should be. Through the content of the sites, the hierarchy of their titles, the choice of their images, one can read a new form of writing which, if one looks at it closely, appears very close to what is brought to life in front of spectators.I no longer create plays in the sense that theatre understands them, but rather "prototypes", because of their principle, which is no longer centred on the themes of the texts, but on the successive stages of evolution of the same form in the course of the performances.

I stand for sexually inspired, playful theater. I compose a raw illusion that enjoys the simplicity of being immediate. I do not tell stories that add complacency to stupidity. I have fun, I conspire, I love, I insult... I exist.  
And you, what theatre do you play?
What are you doing?

My pornography

My prodigious mental space

Day after day, I feed on the Frankenstein loneliness of my peers and I defecate from the college single-use Muppet show .

David Noir

David Noir, performer, actor, author, director, singer, visual artist, video maker, sound designer, teacher... carries his polymorphous nudity and his costumed childhood under the eyes and ears of anyone who wants to see and hear.

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