My body, my sex, my desire, their images. A representation that takes its source in the jumble of my impulses. Implicitly, also at the heart of yours, because I fundamentally believe that we differ little.

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My animal part | My sperm dripping from my acorn | Screenshot © David Noir 2012

Time; its seeds

Beauty of a close-up ejaculation. It's one of mine that's slowed down nicely. Pearly dewdrop pearl, a drop of semen comes out of my tight glans

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Bander and enjoy the face of the world | My lonesome cowboy, 1998, Fiberglass, acrylic and steel, 288 x 117 x 90 cm - Takashi Murakami

Journal des Parques J-22

Magnificent arrogance of an ordinary hero: Live to get hard and enjoy the world! "Suck it, this is my cock! Drink, this is my sperm! »

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