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Stage Scène Vivante | "Performances" | Photo © David Noir
Stage Scène Vivante | "Performances" | Photo © David Noir
It is a question of being one after the other, fully actor and fully spectator, artist in his practices and everyday individual, as much as researcher.

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This workshop proposal has only one goal: to offer a first audience for a personal experimentation for each participant. It must be a free form, an intimate or spectacular expression in the form of a first draft - this point is important - however modest.

This first gesture is not, however, an improvisation of the moment. We propose to deal here with singular "scenic events", projected several times mentally in the course of his life, but which until now have never found the opportunity to take shape. Something that one thinks about on a relatively recurrent basis; that in a certain sense has been obsessing or even challenging one's own imagination for some time or perhaps even a certain time.

A single act or a complex or dense elaboration; sounds, voices, postures, exhibitions, exchanges, presentations of any kind, words, dances... the list is infinite and above all - this is its quality in this matter - "unimaginable" for those, spectators of each other during this moment of the workshop, who could not have imagined it in the place of the person who is performing at this moment under their eyes.

The place of teaching in such a case must translate into an attempt to understand the proposal as comprehensively and intuitively as possible

There is no question here of directIt is not a question of having the will to go towards a defined objective, nor of wanting to contribute to the completion of a form, and even less of substituting oneself for its author, as one would do in the theatre.

The purpose and method will be to question the creative interpreters on this stage of their project, so that its development, throughout the day, rebounds, absorbs, rejects, accepts, refutes, escapes or is moulded in contact with the fermentation of minds eager for answers or forbidden in the face of the varying degrees of their receptivity to the thing of another.

Each of us will therefore find ourselves on both sides of the fence on various occasions, thus posing and solving in a hundred different ways the enigmas that are at the very heart of any stage proposal that does not seek guidance from the conventions of a specific art form a priori.

So we could call it : Performance.


An audio system (computer, mixer, amplified speakers, microphone) and a video projector will be provided so that everyone can broadcast the material they need. (Digital media only: USB key, external hard drive, DVD) You are responsible for bringing props, make-up, costumes, texts or any other ingredients that may be useful for the work you are planning. A tarpaulin can be put on the floor if liquids or dirty materials are used. (There is no shower on site, only a washbasin)

The stages are a gateway to the stage.
They bring the keys to the notion of gambling.

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Internship Archives
Live Stage Stage Internship | "Corps d'été" | Photo © David Noir

Summer Body Workshops

A consciousness and a body: nudity and performance under the sun. Eight workshop sessions devoted to the body exhibited through performance.

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Live Stage Stage | "Totally Naked" | Visual © David Noir

Totally naked

Some objectives of the " Totally Naked " workshop: Risking oneself in a body bath. Allow yourself the freedom to stay there. Tranquilize your fear. To confront desire.

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Live Stage Stage | "De la vérité des hommes" | Visual © David Noir

Of the truth of men

A day of participatory naked or dressed performance led by David Noir, to try to bring a little truth to the game, if not to life.

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Live Stage Stage | "Iconicum" | Photo © David Noir

Ballad post "Iconicum"

A walk backwards towards the birth of a collective improvisation based on the participatory performance Iconicum given to the Generator.

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Stage Living Stage | "Everything must disappear" | Visual © David Noir

Everything has to go.

"Everything must go" is intended to make its participants perceive this total eclipse of self-confidence that makes the interpreter in true research.

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Live Stage Stage | "Iconicum" | Visual © David Noir


The principle of the "Iconicum" workshop is to improvise from compositions reconstituted live from master paintings or photographs.

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Stage Living Stage | "Looking elsewhere" | Visual © David Noir d'after photo © Karine Lhémon

Look away

"Looking elsewhere" is the very principle of theatre, without which it would be impossible to play a situation that clashes with our codes and morals.

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Stage Live Stage | "Performances" | Visual © David Noir


In this performance workshop, it is a question of being totally actor and fully spectator, artist, everyday individual as well as researcher.

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Live Stage Stage | "Mixing of genres" | Visual © David Noir

Mixing of genres

The mixture of natures that shape us and the contradictions that knead us are the guiding threads of this day of training.

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Live Stage Workshop | "Improvise freely" | Photo © David Noir

Improvise freely

Starting from almost nothing, learning to improvise freely allows one to extend the playful potential of each individual to the dimensions of his or her own imagination.

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Live Stage Internship | "S'inventing an identity" | Visual © David Noir

Inventing an identity

Using various disguises, masks and accessories, this day-long workshop offers everyone the opportunity to develop a distinctive identity.

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Stage Live Stage | "Play nude" | Visual © David Noir d'after photo © Pierre Lebeugle

Play nude

Playing naked is in itself a speech. The aim of this workshop is to understand nudity as a relational, playful and scenic tool.

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David Noir

David Noir, performer, actor, author, director, singer, visual artist, video maker, sound designer, teacher... carries his polymorphous nudity and his costumed childhood under the eyes and ears of anyone who wants to see and hear.

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