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Live Scene Training

Scène Vivante is the educational branch of David Noir Production. It is dedicated to interpretation and takes the form of continuous training in the practice of the stage, particularly through improvisation. It offers courses, coaching, training courses and workshops designed to make performers autonomous.


A horizon for groups and individuals alike: autonomy

The courses offered as part of Scène Vivante and led by David Noir are presented as a à la carte training.
The different offers of sessions presented in these pages can indeed be chosen individually or combined over time and according to needs in order to better respond to specific needs.
They are thus the ingredients of a personalised menu according to your budget, availability and the issues you wish to address. The diversity of these offers also takes into account whether you are looking for a solitary or collective work context.
None of these courses exist in a fixed way per se. Each of these proposals takes shape on demand. It is a matter of agreeing together on the most suitable formula corresponding to your possibilities and wishes.
As a training program, Scène Vivante does not offer staging in the usual sense of the term, which does not exclude certain public presentations at the end of the work when it is appropriate.
In the field of theatre, the offers detailed here do not support text searches or cuttings, nor do they support role distributions.
On the other hand, some of the proposed modules are completely adapted to the accompaniment of a group or an individual who wishes to benefit from an outside view of their work, guidance or orientation, which in many cases can be more than enough for a coherent and motivated group to put on a show.
Finally, the way these pages are presented suggests that an artistic approach is above all personal. Calling on the services of this training implies a certain sharing of this point of view.
Scène Vivante's approach aims to free both the student and the teacher from a routine that is too often linked to the regularity of class rhythms. Integrating life into the work of the stage also involves adapting to each person's real time. 
Having the time is a luxurious and important fact for interesting things to emerge and be produced. In this sense, Scène Vivante is in no way a school, but rather a pedagogy that wants to take the time to understand as much as to be understood.
Perception and understanding are relative factors and require varying lengths of time depending on the individual. Respecting them in no way detracts from the effectiveness of the teaching transmitted.

Scène Vivante courses are designed to help discover or deepen the practice of theatre and performance by bringing together improvisation, text, presence and body in close proximity with an intuitive perception of what is happening in the moment.

A training program for acting and stage acting

His pedagogy is based on free and "guided" improvisation techniques, as well as text-based acting.

Its primary objective is to enable the student to find and understand his or her stage identity through a freedom of research that is nevertheless secured by supports that inspire his or her journey, such as snippets of text, sounds, contacts, injunctions, drawings, props, costume elements, film excerpts and all sorts of other varied documents used in a dosed manner.

The fragment is therefore an essential and structuring element of this method, which is based on the fleeting perception of the environment to give rise to feelings and their incarnation in the body.

To get closer to a rendering inspired by the living, it is better to escape from any false globalizing will of mastery and to seize only a tiny part of what is happening around you.

Some testimonials

Playing in front of an audience should be no more anxiety-provoking than singing in the shower.

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It's alive!

Finding the right formula
An instinctive approach to theatre, improvisation and performance

Based on a few decades of reflection on performance and as much experience as a director, performer and teacher, I have, over time, conceived this programme as an educational journey designed to bring to life the chimeric and everyday creatures that inhabit us in depth and ultimately make us human beings.

And that strange visual at the top of the page, what is it? What does it represent? 

A polished geode cup? A broken translucent egg? The eye of a tragedy mask? A mutated embryo? A unicellular organism? An ancient amphitheatre as seen from an airplane by an infrared camera?