Book I

Nothing to offer (except your beautiful lie)

A scam; a burning lie! The vigour of the body dominates all the wisdom of the old. Humanity is only real through the bluff of its characters.

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29 April 2011
01 December 2014

I am a program | I am my program

I am a programme. I am a programme. This + this + this + this. I don't decide it. I'm not the master, just the guidance counsellor...

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Powerful submission

Opting for art means choosing to live under the totalitarian sway of a submissive god, one whose reign is achieved by absorbing whoever dominates him.

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30 October 2017
03 January 2020

Sale defeat for a defeated venue

Why is it that when I walk into a theater, do I want to leave? Why when I randomly open a book, do I look forward to closing it?

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Anonymity of the amateur presenter

Behind the computers, the lyrics look absolute. What a beautiful anonymity not to face oneself!

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04 January 2020
05 January 2020

My nights in the shelter

Me, I spend my nights in the shelter. From everything. Sheltered from you, in spite of your suavely mellow voice that's so concerned with radio, hygienic and concerned.

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My cock, my friend | In the light of my glans

My dick is my friend. It's my boy's prerogative. I like to be what I am in the first place. I love my erect sex as much as I love my flaccid sex.

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9 January 2020
13 October 2018

Cry for your seed...

I make my soil fertile and exhaust my need to write, which is like a surplus of seed. Every day I unload a full bucket of it into these pages.

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Phantom individual

Ghost, I live here. We live here. Here, the Self-image is the basis of everything. The basis of everything that makes up our social world. It is the foundation.

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13 October 2018


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