Meat too
Meat too © David Noir

Meat too

Mothers' love isn't that good and sometimes it even smells like fish.

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Mom's been watching me from the beach,

But I see sharks swimming,

It makes the blood boil,

Around me and far ahead,

I suddenly don't want to be alone,

Not alone to face the shark,

That's going up the current in my body,

Tearing off my limbs and biting,

In my trust as a lost child,

Mommy doesn't look at her ass enough,

I'd rather she knew what she was doing,

So I can tell him about my butt,

But my mom worries too much about me,

She wants to see if I swim away from Daddy,

And Daddy's looking at the pieces,

From his ancient heart and brain,

Floating like lifebuoys,

Red is the color of love,

It has also become that of the sea,

It stains the hearts of the lonely,

Of course I should defend myself,

By protecting me in a suit,

But my shark, he has the key,

The sailor Cousteau gave it to him,

In a bloody interview,

It's my TV that's tormenting me,

So I'm becoming a real horror buff from the movies,

Where plastic would have teeth,

And then I give my soul to the screen,

So she'll sink in the ocean,

Without it, I float like cork,

Like that wooden boy, lying,

Gepetto gave me rides,

Artists' toys, disguises,

I haven't lost my alphabet,

I didn't sell my soul to the circus,

I was a gifted student

To feel the wind of panic,

When the aileron of my death crosses me,

He's like, "Hey, you smell like a meter,

Gives you your 5'7",

Compare my face and run away",

Then that's why I'm running away,

Your childlike body that touches me,

When you give me alms for your sex,

All softened by my caresses,

I want to be safe from the great white,

Against your pretty girl body,

But I don't want to see your feelings,

Your blades of love shining bright,


Mother's love isn't that good,

And sometimes it even smells like fish,

Rotten in the bilges of a heart,

Who doesn't know how to enjoy his misfortune,


My mum's name is Josy,

But his real name's Jaws,

That's a pretty good choice,

When you know what she dares to do,

My mom worries too much about me,

She doesn't share with Dad,

Whose blood will gnaw at it better,

Of deadly anguish for his child,

It gave me good balance,

Which I can test on vacation,

The day I feel free,

To look at the expense,

The day I'll save money,

The last few years of my life,

The day I won't sacrifice anymore,

My living body to his salvation,


Mother love isn't that good,

And sometimes he even smells like fish,

Rotten in the bilges of a heart,

Who doesn't know how to enjoy his misfortune.


Text, music, voice, direction © David Noir 2018
Duration: 1'59

"Flesh of my flesh", "you're a bite to eat"... love and devotion. What about girls' bodies and boys' bodies, meat or fish?

David Noir

David Noir, performer, actor, author, director, singer, visual artist, video maker, sound designer, teacher... carries his polymorphous nudity and his costumed childhood under the eyes and ears of anyone who wants to see and hear.

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