We live here

Here, the Self-image is the basis of everything.

The basis of everything that makes up our social world. It is the foundation.

Only each person knows the nature of the real relationship that binds them to this image. This is the secret of the individual. It is the primary task of the conscience in times of peace. We have nothing else to do. Everything that makes us up - strength, intelligence, hope, imagination - all converge and merge at this point: to build an acceptable image, an image with which we can live from day to day without too much inconvenience, an image that keeps us at the height of an ideally conceivable horizon. Those who manage to do better go a little beyond the horizon. A few others, rarer still, manage to soar high above the rest, giving the world and the zeitgeist a certain idea of who they are. It's all temporary, of course. It lasts a lifetime at best, even if some icons outlive themselves by a generation, or even two or three. Beyond that, it's a matter of rarity, the exceptional, the miraculous. The suspicion of divine kinship arises in such cases, even if, here at least, we choose other qualifiers that seem less naive, for fear of ridicule. But in the end, that's what it expresses. "Genius', 'Great', 'Fabulous', 'Insane', 'Extraordinary'... We like to imagine the supernatural at the source of talents that shine above all others. Otherwise, what would we be, all of us who fail in business? Less than nothing, sub-human? No, the recognised talent has to be of the prodigious order, concealing some inexplicable cause in its genes, to justify the existence of a species of more ordinary, less gifted living beings who have not had the good fortune to be born haloed by such a blessing... In the basic pack given at birth, the individual has only a phantom image. One of the aims of the game is to personalise it in the eyes of others so that they give it a minimum value in their hierarchical chart of what is natural to consider or not. But the advantage of sometimes donning the 'ghost' skin again is that you allow others to see through it and yourself to dispense with being. In certain situations, being translucent can be an asset for the player.

A degree of voluntary transparency on the part of the free individual is a possible choice for escaping from the personality fair.

Diversity is always the same. Writing one text means writing them all. Only the environments change. The acts are almost all the same. The environment conditions the notion of "elsewhere".

Phantom individual

be demonstrative or invisible
a choice of existence

The advantage of cultivating transparency and a ghostly self-image to meet the social imperative of existing within the group.

Phantom individual, self-image © David Noir
Phantom individual, self-image © David Noir
David Noir | Phantom Individual | The Amor Camps | Screenshot
David Noir | Phantom Individual | Amor Camps | Screenshot

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