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JaZon Project | The New Sexual Order

The New Testis

Excerpt from Episode 4

Homo, fake bi

God is the world's largest testicle! The mirrored balls, the retrograde semen!

Die a foolish world and go back in time before the apes became men. H.G. Wells comes back to us; lend us your machine a little; say you give us some; oh yes give us some; just a little, to go back before school, obligations, deviant loves, false relationships; before being conceived. Curl the catastrophe into a permanent and lasting ignorance of everything. The time has come for the new inert seed, the unique and perfect testicle; the true gonad with explosion.

The blinker revolution

It's 5:00 a.m., little daddy's waking up from Christmas,

The snow falls in big bottles,
The breasts of Saint Lazarus attract my attention,
I call to me the escort of my trauma:
Here is an environment with animal plastic and not banal,
Glory to the monkey whose face urinates,
It is time to degrade the human. Here, Mother Nature, take this in your face.
A nice plastic bag, See you in 5,000 years.
Sex should destroy the social world as we know it, not build it.
Reproduce, make children, sustain the species; no need for love for that.
The beautiful pretext. Get out of here.
Educators are perverts who have the desire to format others, to think for others,
but do not recognize their vice.
Kill the educators, kill the educators, kill the educators!
Rock'n'roll has been a lie ever since it became an industry,
Rock'n'roll has left music to let it say its song,
Rock'n'roll is no longer a change, nor a revolt, nor even an emotion,
nor a parent for children like me, Rock
'n'roll doesn't need music, it needs noise,
Kill the music!
Alas! Alas!
Rock'n'roll is dumb, literature is dumb, theater is dumb, cinema pisses me off,
the act of doing an act is a null act.
Yippee! Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.
Just your little bourgeois self-esteem taking offense behind the canopy of your clown pride.
But the biting hatred is there, germinating elsewhere,
Vitality, refusal and enjoyment are in gestation elsewhere,
Enjoyment will suffice, it's still too early to talk about joy, Today'
s joy is an industry fomented in the bosom of ignorant and lobotomized families, terrorized by intimacy, every night on the lookout for their fear camouflaged as relaxation,
Kill the families, kill the families, kill the families!
The vulgar joy is that of the couples who cocoon in love, with their TV,
their meal tray, their fake shit projects, their forced laughter,
their shitty taste, their artificial naturalness and their null simplicity,
Kill couples, kill couples, kill couples!
All happiness! No worries! Life isn't good!
Kill families, kill couples!
The ogre ate the child's youth, brains and good cheeks. What
about death? Isn't it beautiful, bitch? Double cunt, triple cunt, Intelligent culture
is bored with admiring the products of its own industrious success,
Intellectuals would do better to strive for power,
rather than spend their time analysing why they don't have it,
There can be no creation in a programme, be it political, stage, record, film, radio - any more than at the end of your Bic point.
The single program is virtual, is real. It is biblical as much as it is computer-based.
Out of hatred and sadness you will perish. Clone me.

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Conception, text, interpretation: David Noir | with Any TINGAY, Valérie BRANCQ, Sonia CODHANT, David NOIR, Philippe SAVOIR | Original score: Christophe IMBS

JaZon Project, The New Testicle | Visual © Filifox - Philippe Savoir
JaZon Project, The New Testicle | Visual © Filifox - Philippe Savoir