The Secret

Art Direction: Mr. K

Cabaret that tastes like something else...

Visual © Tom from Beijing
Visual © Tom from Beijing

Le Secret is the showcase invented by Monsieur K, also known as Jérôme Marin - a marvellous performer if ever there was one, with a percussive voice and an incredible timbre - to welcome the form of an astonishing cabaret, as much anchored in the history of this fabulous genre as it is open to all formal artistic hybridizations.

Since its launch in 2019, countless creatures as diverse as they are endearing and talented have been gradually joining the ranks of the world's most diverse and talented creatures.

The cabaret is not just travelers doing lalala in the microphone. It's also the weird, the strange, the improbable, the art deco fakir, the clay phallus, the christmas vulva, the medieval nymphomaniac, the peanut nun, the latex vampire, the perfumed bride in the trash...
It's not trashy, it's not creepy. It's pretty. Sometimes it's very well sung, very beautiful; sometimes you don't care because it's not the point. It's very free, not formatted; yes, it's very free because it's very creative. And freedom is what we need. It's oxygen for thinking and it's fun too. Oxygen is certainly oxygen when you're a little asphyxiated, it has a cost; we're not going to say otherwise. In short, before leaving for the ICU because you've only breathed the air from home, go through The Secret, because if we don't die of love anymore, don't worry, we can still die of conformism.

News of the Secret

At the end of this very special year, Mother Christmas has chosen to abandon chimney ducts in favour of fibre, ADSL and even 56k modems for which she is ready to refine her wasp size even further to reach you.
As she is a good girl, she will come with her dozens of friendly creatures so that you can spend this non-dawning surrounded by more than 6 people!

The Secret, the show

On December 23rd, 2020, the first episode of The Secret, the show

Episode 1

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Visual © David Noir | Photo jacket © Debby D'Al Khôl
Visual © David Noir | Cover photo © Debby D'Al Khôl

Episode 2

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D'after capturing d'screenshot "Le Secret, l'émission | episode 2 © Oursicate
From screenshot "The Secret, the show © Oursicate
If you wish, in an impulse of irrepressible generosity, to support the cabaret Secret and its team to help us produce more and in better conditions, you can make a one-off or recurring donation to the association L'Alcazar by following the link of the button below :
At the cabaret Le Secret | Photo © Jérémy Piette
And a little trash picture to finish off...
After Le Secret | Poubelles d'un soir | Photo © Grégory Augendre-Cambon
After The Secret | One Night Stand | Photo © Grégory Augendre-Cambon