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JaZon Project | The New Sexual Order

Alone or accompanied

Excerpt from Episode 1

 Happiness: a Grail tea

Gathered in my obole cup, the wet hairs of your pussy disgust in oblong beads on my flattened forehead, like water damage oozing from my ceiling. It's a magical, insecure moment when I suddenly feel responsible and civil. This is how I love my wonderful life. I'm biting into your anus with beautiful teeth. I nibble and suck the bargain that your contracted orifice offers me. I draw a moment of my life from it; one more trace in my memory, next to the enchanted door. After all these years - when I see you again - without "hello" - without "it's all right" - I would first go straight into your panties. And then, hay of the civilities and the pretty social constructions of the land; I always hated half-timbering; big colonist walking up to the ass of my father the Norman. So, how are the happy people doing? Ah, if we'd talked under the shelter of his old grated overcoat... The worst kind of alienation is having parents who love you. Their love is a syrupy poison that sticks to your wings and makes you obey them. Sticky, amorous saliva, well applied to both cheeks. Can you save yourself from the love that prevents you from living? I understand that one gets drunk with chimeras. But that one does it alone, between oneself, in one's corner. And that you don't piss others off with your rotten dreams. Hey, Walt, why don't you stop spreading your bullshit around? You're out of the game, Dad. So, just 'cause I'm talking to you, you think I'm telling you the truth. The feeling of work - The "toil" indicator - The focus on freedom; you still think that's a sign of quality ? What can I do? - Gaston Defferre - What don't I want to do? Everything is good in the colon. Everything is good that ends... Phew!... one day soon.

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Design, text, interpretation: David Noir

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