Permission denied

performance improvisation music text and communication jamming

Permission denied | Visual © David NoirPermission denied | Visual © David Noir
Visuals © David Noir

That's not how it works | Permission denied © David Noir

Permission denied. Your request cannot be granted. Not even once. Denied. Let's override it. Let's drink together. Let us not skimp on our efforts in human sacrifice. Courage, little colt. Go on. Right on. Right on. All this good chocolate belongs to you. No hidden tricks. No hidden tricks. No tricks at the tip of your fingers, no fraud under the silk cushions. It's all yours. You can go in with your eyes closed. Nothing to be alarmed about. No such program ever files. Backed up, deboned, no files locked at the bottom... crypts, the rush of a network that won't pass.

FRASQ #9 | 9th Performance Meeting | The Generator

Sleepless Night | 7/10/2017

Play, singing, improvisation: Adrien Solis, David Noir
Music: Christophe Imbs
Sébastien Gschwind: Sculpture installation

Videos and slideshow: David Noir

During this collective performance, in addition to the slideshow shown on the set (originally created for the performance "Your child has only one eye"), David Noir's video was projected, So Sadebehind a curtain drawn at the bottom of the Generator, like an ephemeral X movie theater.

English (UK)
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