The loose animals

Feature length video | 1992 | Running time: 96'.

David Noir | The Animals in Disarray | Capture d'screenshot
David Noir | The Animals in Disarray | Screenshot

An ode to the exhibition in the form of an initiatory journey. First the fantastical universe of a man subjected to his sex, then the evolution of his desire for flesh towards cannibalism. Finally, his journey towards death, rebirth and the free expression of his nudity.

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One man's story. He often masturbates. Sometimes he kills a little.

Sorting out animals | Excerpts
Here is the presentation of the film intended for the public and written at the time of its first broadcast, at a time when my name was not yet David Noir. The transformation that would soon take place at the end of this film, as if this filmic introspection had prepared the ground for this change of identity and served as a trigger.


A 97-minute video feature film directed by Louis Cézanne between 1989 and 1992, and presented that same year for three evenings at the E.P.E. (Paris 11th) simultaneously on eight Sony Trinitron monitors. There is a reduction to 32' of the same film, entitled "Luc".

This video is both the fruit of a desire and a research: a desire to analyse my desire and, more broadly, that of my fellow creatures; a search for a new type of narration through the psyche and the fantasy world of the hero.

The story, simple, features a psychopath who, unable to get love, kills his partners to express the violence of his frustration. Following a final assault in which he himself is wounded, he decides to kill himself, and undertakes the magnificent journey back to his fetal state, his original memory, and his divine essence. His name is Luke, as in "ass" upside down, and the guide of his journey, both temporal and in the afterlife, is his sex, in this case mine, as I interpret Luke.

This "being" of erectile flesh is the main character of the film as an animal pre-existing our consciousness and - with the help of fiction - our very presence. The driving force behind this realization is my simple desire to show it as a means of communication; this is why it is a fiction that is not in dialogue, but excessively sonorous, full of songs, rales and breaths. This dimension remained as a basic energy coming from my raw desire and then wrapped in a narrative weave that I hope is very specific to video, not to claim an exercise in style but because only video was able to make the day-to-day evolution of a subject as delicate as desire, thanks to its easy handling, its immediate availability, its low cost favouring the imaginary, and its immediate control on a monitor.

The script for this film was therefore my body and my mind and not the fruit of simple elucubrations of my intellect. I hope that it will be interactive with your bodies and your psyches as much as pornography, the wonderful, the sacred and the horror touch us and speak to us at different periods of our lives.

"Les Animaux Décousus" was produced and edited entirely in video 8.

Les animaux décoususus | full version | 1992 | Running time: 97'.

1st experimental feature-length fiction video directed by David Noir

My pornography

My prodigious mental space