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Scène Vivante | Private Lessons | Photo © David Noir

Scène Vivante | Private Lessons


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Access to theatrical expression is facilitated by the wide variety of media

We can make theatre out of anything simply because our own lives are about representation at all times. This method, which consists in drawing as much from classical theatre as from the infinite literature offered by the forums on the Web, allows each person to provide him or herself with a large number of tools to favour his or her expression while avoiding the sacredness of one style rather than another. Simple tools finally, at the service of an instrument which in this case turns out to be oneself. 

Theatre can also be learned one-on-one in an individual relationship with the teacher, like singing lessons

Different work formats give the choice of approach and rates, the best being to mix and match the program according to the objectives sought throughout the time that one gives oneself to build and acquire a training course tailored to one's needs and as much as possible, made to measure.  

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Coaching aims to make people feel more comfortable in public. The work consists of an in-depth study of gestural and oral expression.

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Private lessons | Individual follow-up

Although less common than group classes in the field of drama, private lessons or individual are however very useful for people who need a personalized follow-up in order to overcome very specific resistances such as the excessive fear of exposing oneself in front of an audience, paralyzing shyness or uncontrolled aggressiveness. A meticulous work of listening and analysis of the person, accompanied by adequate exercises, make it possible to disinhibit without brutality the temperaments which are systematically tetanized by the stage fright or the apprehension.

With regard specifically to the acquisition of self-confidence, the process is carried out progressively, without any spectator except the facilitator, through dialogue and role-playing in contexts close to the stage without being "intimidating", such as: addressing a camera, listening to one's own recorded voice in response to various requests, moving under the light of a spotlight, learning to give oneself up spontaneously without fear of the judgment of others.

Examples of techniques used: Approach to the "tools" of stage acting, confidence building exercises, discovery of one's body as an instrument of interpretation, work on the text.

Individual coaching can also be provided as a private lesson for performers wishing to develop a particular technique, or as coaching for actors wishing to be accompanied in a role they have been hired for, or in the case of a personal project.

Relevant directing must combine pedagogy and style. The form of teaching must be as inventive and artistic as its content.

Living Scene | Benefits

It's alive!

Finding the right formula
Mixing of media

Drama is only alive through its modernity, which does not exclude the use of texts from the classical and contemporary repertoires.

A certain style

Scène Vivante's teaching methods are modern and efficient. Demanding and without complacency as well as attentive to the rhythm and needs of each individual.