Choosing the right grassland for safe and productive grazing

No alienation or external rights, everything must be original. Step by step progress over years - huge construction - saga - a world - my world. It's not about little scattered things. Departure. I have died so many times already. Fraction, realisations, forms. Not the thing for the thing's sake - loss of energy - but in the service of my construction, my future history. Gathering energy. To find my body hazardous. More than a show, to be an egg fertilized by an audience. The spectator is my spermatozoon. My anti-suffering method; painless childbirth: you still have to apply it. I work in and on disorder. To assemble as one makes a success; that is the goal; a success. You can play chess or success It's up to you. Repatriate everything from oneself; birth is an exodus; I was born banished from myself, expatriated from my body; sort, purify, recast; reborn. 58 years of exodus.

A Sibylline Bible; a religion of my own; volume 1: my tables of the law that are not respected ; I am my Moses come down from myself. Each one is a mountain to be climbed and then descended. I undertake my being. Love relationship; undertaking oneself. Can a virtual company fail?

I have a long way to go in an industrious and fibrous poetry, to establish a link between all my files. To constitute the interlacing of my diffuse circles.

I learned that the method must not be said so as not to freeze itself, nor to freeze the person who defines it within its walls. He must just know; be aware that there is one and coexist with it. My method of being is to create a huge animal, a blue whalea right whale, a deep sea squid.

Staging is not a concern - a world - worlds are everything - music and sound - not theatre - theatricalities.

background illustration | Jeanne Plante and David Noir in the meadow of the Théâtre des Minuits | Photo © Maya Mc Callum

A method

and a trap

Lack of critical thinking
I moo, I see the trains go by
I bellow, I can only see the shadow of my hand

Dead in bed
one should not decide too much to exist

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