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David Noir | Shining at the cabaret | Benevolence according to Jack... | Photo © Grérory Augendre-cambon

The small business of kindness

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A trendy attitude after the attacks

The most serious thing is not the attack on freedom of expression but the attack(s) on derision.
The sudden fear has gradually turned into benevolence, more acceptable to look at in the mirror under its humanist and flattering guise.
All the individual authoritarian communities have (more or less) discreetly stepped into the breach opened up by the terror to try to impose their visions of the world, this time more politically. We might as well take advantage of the trauma while it's still hot. Paradoxically, the cries for universal respect are in some ways the heirs of anguish. There is little to be gained from these conquests on the fringes of the wake of genuine fear.
Even so, mockery and mocking wit, even when cloistered, remain precious freedoms because they are relatively resistant to threat and confinement. Who knows what you're laughing at inside?
Small emoticons in the shape of self-indulgent hearts, sometimes embraced by short arms, have been quick to simplify the expression of opinions. "I love it. Laugh.
Baby" thinking is taming the terrain of conflict. Fear is now more fear than fear. It fantasises itself, dissolves on the surface and is reborn in a little fart of shared benevolence. Hatred, a natural feeling, should suddenly disappear from the human depths. What a miracle and what a denial of one's own reality when, like pus under pressure, it pops up in every corner of every buboon. If you want to grow, you can't take shortcuts. But that's probably not the objective. The only thing we're obsessed with (and I'm talking about the less crazy among us) is tranquillity, erecting the intimate palace where the mind can relax its long limbs tired from so many lies to oneself.
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David Noir | Shining at the cabaret | Benevolence according to Jack... | Photo © Grérory Augendre-cambon
David Noir dressed as Jack Nicholson for a scene from The Shining at Le Secret cabaret | Photo © Grérory Augendre-cambon

David Noir

David Noir, performer, actor, author, director, singer, visual artist, video maker, sound designer, teacher... carries his polymorphous nudity and his costumed childhood under the eyes and ears of anyone who wants to see and hear.

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